Faith-Based Global Human Development

Congress WBN is a unique, faith-based organization effecting human, social and national transformation throughout the earth.

Congress WBN pursues human-development initiatives in nations around the globe through partnerships with national governments, development institutions, and like-minded organizations and individuals.

A single unifying vision underlies all that we do across the earth.”

- Dr. Noel Woodroffe, Founder & President

Congress WBN has eight sectors of strategic global initiatives, supporting global networks of professionals, educational institutions, businesses, churches, individual national leaders, university students, and global technology initiatives.

With primary bases in Trinidad and Tobago and London, UK, Congress WBN’s diverse global operations are based on core values such as integrity, humility, leadership through servant-hood, excellence and achievement through sacrifice.

With operations in over 95 nations and on every continent, Congress WBN is more than an organization, it is a truly borderless, global community. Our members share a common faith and well-defined values that govern our operations as well as their lives.