About Us

The Founder and President of Congress WBN is Dr. Noel Woodroffe. He heads the Global Congress Leadership team, a diverse group of individuals that oversees C-WBN’s vast operations.

The Congress leadership team is drawn from the Caribbean, Africa, the USA, the Middle East, the Pacific, Asia, Europe and the United Kingdom.

Regional Coordinators

  • From Left: Paul Lindo (U.K.); Marlon Jameson (Latin America); Wingrove Spencer (Eastern Caribbean); Anaclet Antoine (Francophone Territories); Steve Aleong (RCG Coordinator); Nelson Negi (India / Asia); Joseph Njoroge (East Africa); Noel Woodroffe (President, Congress WBN); Tekleab Zeru (Horn of Africa); Cyril Phiri (Southern Africa); Paul Ogedengbe (West Africa); Christopher Berkeley (Belize); Scott Webster (North America); Josiah Qalovaki (Pacific/Oceana)

    Executive Attachées

    • From Left: Marlon Jameson, Graham King, Bevil Wooding, Noel Woodroffe (President, Congress WBN), Farid Youssef, Ernest King, Paul Lindo

      Core Leadership Council

      • From Left: Steve Schultz, Paul Humberstone, Steve Aleong, Dr. Noel Woodroffe, David Copp, Scott Webster