About Us

Congress WBN is a UK-registered charity and a unique, faith-based organization affecting human, social and national transformation in nations throughout the earth.

Congress WBN operates in over 105 countries and territories and maintains a presence in major world cities including London, Washington D.C., Brussels, Paris, Johannesburg, Nairobi, Harare, Lagos, Mumbai, and Brussels.

Throughout our global network, we help to achieve the goal of faith-based global human development. We help individuals, organizations and countries to develop leadership skills, community and institutional capacity, consistent with our Bible-based beliefs and values.

Congress WBN works with church leaders, ethical businesses and business leaders, professionals, civil society organizations and national leaders, promoting a wide range of values-based development programs and initiatives.

Areas of Focus

Whether developing church leaders, businessmen, professionals or students in major world capitals or running civic-minded community empowerment initiatives, Congress WBN advocates for values-based human development.

Across the nations, we conduct development initiatives that empower and enable individuals and the communities they belong to. We promote male, female and youth empowerment; strong marriages and families; and strong, communities as the fabric of sustainable nations development. Congress WBN uses its global network of committed human relationships to develop and maintain operations in five main areas:

  • Church Development
  • Leadership Development
  • Education
  • Community Transformation
  • Strategic Technology

Our members play a key role in persuading governments and organizations to support ethical-based programs and policies that make a measurable difference in empowering communities, fighting corruption, strengthening businesses, increasing opportunities, propagating Bible-based values and supporting sustainable development.

In all our activities, we promote the education and development of men, women, and children and the empowerment of the marginalized and vulnerable.


The Founder and President of Congress WBN is Dr. Noel Woodroffe. He heads the Global Congress Leadership team, a diverse group of individuals that oversees C-WBN’s vast operations.

The Congress leadership team is drawn from the Caribbean, Africa, the USA, the Middle East, the Pacific, Asia, Europe and the United Kingdom.

Regional Coordination

Congress WBN has a God-ordained mandate to embed bible-based values in all that we do in the earth. We are deeply committed to the highest ethical standards, the building of character, sharing of development solutions in through collaborative partnerships.

In each geographic area we operate, a Regional Coordinator oversees development activities for Congress WBN in that jurisdiction. Our Regional Coordinators help ensure the most effective use of resources including volunteers from over 100 countries in support of our development activities worldwide.

  • From Left: Paul Lindo (U.K.); Marlon Jameson (Latin America); Wingrove Spencer (Eastern Caribbean); Anaclet Antoine (Francophone Territories); Steve Aleong (RCG Coordinator); Nelson Negi (India / Asia); Joseph Njoroge (East Africa); Noel Woodroffe (President, Congress WBN); Tekleab Zeru (Horn of Africa); Cyril Phiri (Southern Africa); Paul Ogedengbe (West Africa); Christopher Berkeley (Belize); Scott Webster (North America); Josiah Qalovaki (Pacific/Oceana)

Executive Attachées

  • From Left: Marlon Jameson, Graham King, Bevil Wooding, Noel Woodroffe (President, Congress WBN), Farid Youssef, Ernest King, Paul Lindo

Core Leadership Council

  • From Left: Steve Schultz, Paul Humberstone, Steve Aleong, Dr. Noel Woodroffe, David Copp, Scott Webster

Global Membership

Our members are critical to our global work. They come from every walk of life and span every culture and ethnicity. They’re pastors, business leaders, educators, technologists, artists, scientists, students, engineers, and faith-filled believers. They make an impact day in, day out — organizing, educating, advocating and, most importantly, living lives that demonstrate the values and principles we proclaim across the world.

Our members share a common faith and well-defined values that govern our operations as well as their lives.