About Us

Congress WBN is a global, non-profit organization operating in over 100 countries with offices in major world cities, including Port of Spain, Johannesburg, London, Addis Ababa, Brussels, Harare, Lagos, Lusaka, Mumbai, Nairobi, Washington DC and Wellington.  

We believe that human transformation is necessary for genuine and sustainable development at all levels of society. To facilitate this, we bring together local communities, churches, businesses, professionals, students, national leaders and civil society organizations through a wide range of initiatives. These initiatives span youth empowerment, family building, community transformation, leadership development, institutional strengthening, technology innovations, business networking, resource distribution and church development.  

The spiritual center and Creative Core of Congress WBN is Elijah Centre, a global church community based in Trinidad and Tobago and led by Dr. Noel Woodroffe. The core mission of Elijah Centre is to build a spiritually mature people devoted to holy service to our Lord Jesus Christ. Elijah Centre and Congress WBN develop and share resources to support and advance the global Church. 

Our Mission

We apply Biblical principles to bring about human, social and national transformation in communities across the earth through relationship with churches, leaders, professionals and civil society organizations. 

We are focused on faith-based human development, starting with the individual and expanding into global community impact. Our mission is to bring about human, social and national transformation—building people, equipping leaders and strengthening communities.  

We believe that God’s will must be fulfilled here on earth. Our work, therefore, is driven by our understanding that God desires a mature Church that fully expresses the nature of Christ and enables people to live according to Biblical standards (Ephesians 4:12-13).

Congress WBN Governance

Dr. Noel Woodroffe is the Founder and President of Congress WBN. He is supported by a leadership structure consisting of persons from around the world, including the Caribbean, Africa, Europe, North America, Asia and Oceania. Our leaders come from very diverse backgrounds and represent the global spread of Congress WBN.  

Congress WBN’s leaders have been chosen based on their proven individual track records of commitment to Biblical standards. They are connected across cultures and nations by our shared values and our faith in Jesus Christ. 

We measure good governance by more than just our global initiatives, programs and projects. Congress WBN prioritizes building Biblical character, strong marriages and relationships in families, and genuine connections within churches and between communities around the world. 

Dr. Noel Woodroffe

Dr. Noel Woodroffe is the Founder and President of Congress WBN, an international network of churches, businesses, professionals and students, operating in over 100 nations. He is also the Senior Elder of Elijah Centre, a powerful Kingdom Community based in Trinidad with extended locations around the globe that are referred to as Embassies.  

Dr. Woodroffe heads the Global Congress Leadership (GCL) team, a diverse group that oversees Congress WBN’s global operations. He guides the ongoing development of systems, processes and programs that facilitate human, social and national development, based on clearly defined Biblical platforms. He has personally overseen Congress WBN’s growth and expansion from a group of five churches in Trinidad in 1993 to a massive global network represented in more than 100 countries.  

His ministry has impacted the Church across the earth for over thirty years. His books, church development seminars, outreach programs to leaders and diverse communities have touched lives and brought new understanding of what God is doing in the earth today. 

For more books and teaching resources from Dr. Woodroffe, visit cwbn.store

Core Leadership Council

The Core Leadership Council (CLC) represents the highest level of leadership working alongside Dr. Woodroffe to provide spiritual oversight for Congress WBN. The members of the CLC are Scott Webster (United States), Steve Schultz (United States), David Copp (United States), Paul Humberstone (United Kingdom) and Steve Aleong (Trinidad and Tobago). Marlon Jameson (Trinidad and Tobago) serves as a permanent observer to the CLC.

  • From Left: Steve Schultz, Paul Humberstone, Steve Aleong, Dr. Noel Woodroffe, David Copp, Scott Webster

Executive Attachées

The Executive Attaches serve within the Office of the President of Congress WBN (OPC). They support Dr. Woodroffe and the initiatives of the OPC. The Executive Attaches are Marlon Jameson (Trinidad and Tobago), Ernest King (Trinidad and Tobago), Graham King (Trinidad and Tobago), Paul Lindo (United Kingdom), David Taylor (South Africa), Bevil Wooding (Trinidad and Tobago) and Farid Youssef (Trinidad and Tobago).

  • From Left: Marlon Jameson, Graham King, Bevil Wooding, Noel Woodroffe (President, Congress WBN), Farid Youssef, Ernest King, Paul Lindo

Regional Coordination

Regional Coordinators are responsible for overseeing Congress WBN’s development activities across geographical regions. Each Regional Coordinator heads an Office of Regional Coordination, or ORC, that gives logistical, technical and administrative support and ensures the most effective use of resources. ORC teams form part of a vast group of volunteers that support Congress WBN development activities worldwide.

  • From Left: Paul Lindo (U.K.); Marlon Jameson (Latin America); Wingrove Spencer (Eastern Caribbean); Anaclet Antoine (Francophone Territories); Steve Aleong (RCG Coordinator); Nelson Negi (India / Asia); Joseph Njoroge (East Africa); Noel Woodroffe (President, Congress WBN); Tekleab Zeru (Horn of Africa); Cyril Phiri (Southern Africa); Paul Ogedengbe (West Africa); Christopher Berkeley (Belize); Scott Webster (North America); Josiah Qalovaki (Pacific/Oceana)

Core Senior Elders

Core Senior Elders and their communities stand as a representative body of our churches around the globe. They provide a reference for leadership patterns, community building and ministry development. They work with Dr. Woodroffe and other Congress WBN leaders to strengthen their communities.

Our Journey

Congress WBN began as the World Breakthrough Network in July 1993 with a small group of churches in Trinidad and Tobago. This initial network of Kingdom Communities grew in strength across the Caribbean, Africa, Europe and Latin America. 

In 2004, the World Breakthrough Network became Congress WBN, taking on a new structure and new areas of expression and operation. Multiple sectors of strategic operations brought focus to human development, education, training, leadership development, church development and technology.

Today, Congress WBN operates in more than 100 nations and develops communities in partnership with churches, governments, businesses and other national and regional institutions. We have offices in major world cities, including Port of Spain, Johannesburg, London, Washington DC, Brussels, Nairobi, Harare, Lagos, Addis Ababa, Lusaka, Mumbai and Wellington.

Our Culture

Congress WBN is a faith-based organization. This means the values and principles laid out in the Bible shape how we govern our organization, establish priorities and implement objectives. 

We depend on integrity, consistency and authenticity as platforms for success and sustainability rather than financial resources or human competence. The capacities we build in others are first developed and matured in our own people and throughout our organization.

We are globally minded and operated. Our diverse leaders and members represent virtually every country on earth. We prioritize collaboration and shared life, recognizing that our vision and productive capacity are amplified when we freely exchange ideas and resources.


“God’s gold is people.”—Dr. Noel Woodroffe
This is why we place such emphasis on human development. We recognize people as God’s most valuable resource and building people as a core objective of our work, including our development activities in the nations (Phil 1:4–7). 

Congress WBN’s members are critical to our global work. We willingly volunteer our time, expertise and resources. Our members come from every walk of life and span every culture and ethnicity. We are pastors, business leaders, educators, technologists, artists, scientists, academics, students, engineers and faith-filled believers. We make an impact through organizing, educating, advocating, supporting and, most importantly, living lives that demonstrate the values and principles we proclaim across the world.

It is important for participants in our global activities to be empowered. It is equally imperative that leaders and coordinators be transformed by how they do the work. Our leaders, coordinators and volunteers serve with humility, integrity and excellence. In Congress WBN, we seek to bring to pass the purposes of the Lord, not to serve our own pride, fulfill personal ambitions or assert control over others. We recognize the sovereignty of God: He is utterly in control of fulfilling His own purpose (Zechariah 4:6).