Congress Sectors

Congress WBN provides assistance to nations and organizations seeking values-based national development through its global networks of individuals, communities, and institutions.

We believe that in the right context, leaders and individuals can be transformed through the correct application of Bible-based values and principles. We believe that individual transformation is the foundation for all institutional reformation.


Our Congress Corporate Sector networks business leaders and businesses globally to promote ethical business practices and values-based leadership. To find out more visit the Congress Corporate website:


Our Global Leadership Interlink Sector promotes values-driven leadership development, supporting professionals and university students committed to the developing society and strengthening national and global governance systems. To find out more visit the Global Leadership Interlink website:


Our Kingdom Community Network Sector, or KCN, is a network of thousands of church communities throughout the world. The KCN serves as a global resource base for the entire Congress. Through the KCN, Congress WBN supports church communities with a range of leadership development and community strengthening and capacity building initiatives. To find out more visit the Kingdom Community Network website:


The spiritual core and executive hub of Congress WBN is Elijah Centre, a present-truth church community founded on biblical principles, recognizing Jesus Christ as its head. Elijah Centre has its primary base in Trinidad, called the Nexus, with 14 extended locations around the globe, referred to as Embassies. Elijah Centre provides the human development patterns and models for C-WBN’s global operations. To find out more visit the Elijah Centre website:


Our Global Insight Services Sector supports our nations development initiatives by providing trend-analysis, future-casting, and insightful counseling.


Our EMPOWER Sector takes a primary role in supporting community projects initiated by local communities in countries around the world. We believe that transforming the communities where people live is pivotal to unlocking human potential for wider national development. EMPOWER ensures that all selected projects are aligned with the highest ethical standards and operating best-practice. To find out more visit the EMPOWER website:


The Education & Human Development Sector offers values-based education that goes far beyond a traditional academic experience. Congress WBN focuses on equipping students with the moral principles, tools and practical skills for navigating life. To find out more visit CDI Online, the C-WBN Development Institute:


Congress WBN leverages information and communications technology to support both its operations and its leadership and human development initiatives. Our Global Communications and Technology Sector works closely with Congress Sectors as well as organizations and governments across the world to develop and support technology-based solutions. To find out more visit the Global Communications and Technology website: